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Low Broadway

Available in both manual and electric control options

The Low Broadway is available in 4 width options and uses a height and and angle adjusted flip up footplate which is detachable. Low Broadway 18” seat width in Etch Hyacinth Vinyl with Navy VP cushioning. 

Main Features: 

  • 3 waterfall back as standard

  • Visco foam topper on seat cushion supplied with standard specification

  • Ultima vinyl Crib 5 outer fabric with waterproof vapour permeable 4 way stretch fabric on all contact surfaces

  • Removable seat system to allow  the use of alternative pressure relieving seat cushioning

  • Footplate Included

  • 4 large castors, rear are braked

Sizing chair range – shown in inches 

Seat height: 13 – 18

Seat width: 16 – 22 

Seat depth: 18 – 20

Overall chair width: Seat width plus 5

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