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It can be distressing seeing family or friends confined to a bed or a chair day- after-day. Yes, you may be able to get them into a wheelchair for an hour or so, but once it is time for you to leave, they end up back in their bed or an arm-chair spending the rest of their day confined to one room. This can apply to a myriad of people, whether it is old or those suffering from dementia, alzheimers or the latter stages of MS. The list goes on.

Here at Optimum Mobility, in Malmesbury, we work with families, case managers, occupational therapists and Care-homes to try and improve your loved ones quality of life, by providing seating solutions which will enable the user to sit in the correct postural position for large amounts of the day.

For example, enabling people in care homes to be wheeled into the dining room to join other residents for meals and then taken into the lounge, or maybe the activities room to join in the day’s events.

Two the products we use at Optimum Mobility are the Handicare Ibis & the Rea Azealea chair, which have ‘tilt-in-space’ mechanism allowing the user to be tilted back without altering their hip angle. This gives the user correct postural positioning, which not only stops the user from slouching but also helps with the prevention of seating stores, when used in conjunction with the correct pressure

relieving cushion.

The difference chairs like this can bring to both the user and the family are immeasurable. To be able to wheel your parent, grandparent or partner around the home or into the garden, just for a change of scenery can be up-lifting for all.

This is just a small part of the service we provide at Optimum Mobility. From power chairs to mobility scooters, rise recliner armchairs to high-performance wheelchairs, and with more than 50 years’ experience of mobility products, we can assess and provide equipment for all people of all ages and disabilities. Call us, or visit our show-room to discuss your disability needs.

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