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Puma 40 Fwd/Rwd

A perfect blend of functionality, comfort and design. Available in front- and rear-wheel drive.

Excellent indoor manoeuvrability and outdoor high performance geared for speed.

Looking for a powered wheelchair that stands out, indoors and out? The Puma 40 balances excellent indoor manoeuvrability with outdoor high performance geared for speed - available in white or grey.

It comes in a unique 12.5 km/h front wheel drive configuration with Gyro tracking control. Slow speed turning on carpet or driving on uneven surfaces at full speed? Staying on track was never easier and more safe!


  • Can be Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive

  • Powered Tilt upto 45 Degrees

  • Seat Lift 12" 30cm

  • Powered Centre Legrest/ Elevating Swing away

  • 4 Poll Motors

  • Sedeo Pro seating

  • Suspension

  • Upto 78 amp batteries

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