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Aviva RX

The new AVIVA brand of power chairs has arrived.

If you're in the market for a powerchair, this latest 2020 release powerchair has got to be on your radar!

Invacare’s AVIVA RX is the first in a new range of powerchairs that are unlike any other chairs on the market. Bringing together the key elements that define performance, these new rear wheel drive power chairs combine an innovative method of managing center of gravity for optimal weight distribution with superior suspension. They quite simply re-define rear wheel performance, delivering unbeatable control, exceptional traction and extreme ride comfort.

What’s special about this base is our patented CTC Suspension. It gives you great control, superior traction and extra comfort. It’s a compact chair that can really go the distance.

The suspension can be easily changed between hard and soft to suit you. The technology works a bit like a ball and socket joint, so the base can move in all directions giving you a smooth drive.

LiNX® G-TRAC® technology
The digital gyroscopic technology detects and corrects even the smallest deviation from your intended path, so you’ll go exactly where you want to go without having to tweak the control direction. It’s especially handy if you use any alternative control inputs with your chair.

Silent travels
There’s no squeaking in the springs or chassis thanks to the elastomer dampeners.

Only 560mm wide (22")

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